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Rope strap / ribbon / Cap rope

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • the material is polyester and the colors ave black .white,other color can be customized according to customer requirements
  • suitable for fans of clothing matching industries
  • in line with environmental standards
  • fast production speed
  • suitable for fans of clothing matchong industries It has imported professional production equipment and advanced technology. Set research and development, production and operation in one.

Product Details

Sale of polyester (terylene) ribbon All cotton ribbon, chemical fiber ribbon, nylon ribbon, nylon ribbon, polyester ribbon, case belt, backpack belt, hemming belt, clothing Ribbon, clothing belt, tension device, strap, strap, lifting belt, heavy weight ribbon, bead ribbon, twill ribbon, pattern intercolor ribbon, plain tape, bead ribbon, twill ribbon, pit ribbon, pit ribbon, hollow ribbon Interlaced ribbon, plain ribbon, polyester ribbon, hollow ribbon, herringbone ribbon, bead ribbon, polypropylene ribbon, polyester yarn ribbon, interlaced PP cord, cotton flat belt, cotton yarn belt, plain tape, herringbone ribbon, PP belt, polypropylene bag belt, military belt, clothing belt, polypropylene belt, polyester belt, nylon belt, civilian ribbon, military ribbon, various industrial ribbon, special Duolun ribbon, terdo ribbon, teodon ribbon, luggage belt, glass fiber rope, ceramic fiber rope, glass fiber belt.

Mainly used in: clothing, shoes and hats, gloves, handbags, bags, sofas, wigs, cushions, floor mops, plastic ponchos, screen windows, curtains, toys, sleeping bags, baby goods, audio equipment, sports equipment, medical equipment, tents, children's scooter sheath, automobile supplies, vehicle and ship aviation supplies, household supplies, office supplies and plastic hardware products, arts and crafts, all kinds of military products Electronic wires and electrical appliances.

It is widely used in work waist cover, handbag, camera bag, computer bag, case, tile display cabinet, exhibition hall and clothing, shoes and hats, mops, sports / leisure ready-made clothes, health care / underwear, protective equipment / medical equipment, toys, sports shoes, bags, bags, sports equipment and sporting goods, furniture and other industrial uses.

It is widely used in clothing factory, shoes and hats factory, luggage factory, sofa factory, curtain factory, toy factory, tent factory, glove factory, sports equipment factory, medical equipment factory, electronic plastic factory and all kinds of military products, etc.

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