Classification of ribbon products

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1. Webbing:

1) According to material: Nylon / terylene / PP / acrylic / cotton

The distinction between nylon and PP Ribbon: generally, nylon ribbon is woven first and then dyed, so the color of yarn after cutting will turn white due to uneven dyeing, while PP Ribbon will not be white because of dyeing first and then weaving; in contrast, nylon ribbon is glossy and soft than PP ribbon; it can also be distinguished by chemical reaction of combustion; generally, nylon ribbon price is higher than PP ribbon

The teodoron ribbon is soft and lusterless

Acrylic ribbon is made of two kinds of materials: terdolon and cotton

The price of cotton ribbon is generally higher

2) According to the weaving method: plain weave / small ripple / twill / safety belt / pit / bead / jacquard PP ribbon can be divided into 900D / 1200D / 1600d according to the yarn thickness; at the same time, we should pay attention to the thickness of the ribbon, and determine its unit price and toughness

3) According to specifications: 10mm / 12mm / 15mm / 20mm / 25mm / 30mm / 32mm / 38mm / 50mm, etc

2. Edging:

1) According to the material: Nylon / terylene / PP / Lycra, etc

Nylon edging belt is widely used, which is mainly used for inner edging, and thickened nylon edging belt is used for outer edging, which is not easy to wrinkle

Tedoron edging belt is softer, and its price is higher than that of nylon. It is mostly used for binding of soft cloth

PP plain woven belt is mostly used for wrapping of large bags, such as wave board bags

Lycra edging belt is high price, soft and glossy. It is widely used in boutique bags, such as golf club cover

2) According to the pattern: plain / herringbone, etc

Nylon and PP are commonly used in herringbone edging belt. Nylon herringbone belt is more expensive and has greater shrinkage

When calculating the material, we should pay attention to the wide p-herringbone tape, which is widely used in the market

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