Five characteristics of pure cotton ribbon

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1. Hygroscopicity: cotton ribbon has good hygroscopicity. Under normal conditions, the ribbon can absorb water from the surrounding atmosphere, and its moisture content is 8-10%. Therefore, it contacts human skin and makes people feel soft but not stiff. If the humidity of the webbing increases and the surrounding temperature is high, the water content in the ribbon will evaporate and dissipate, so that the water balance of the webbing will be maintained and people will feel comfortable.

2. Moisture retention: because the cotton tape is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, the thermal conductivity coefficient is very low, and because the cotton tape itself has the advantages of porosity and high elasticity, a large amount of air can be accumulated between the ribbons, and the air is the poor conductor of heat and electricity. Therefore, the pure cotton tape has good moisture retention, and it makes people feel warm when using the pure cotton tape.

3. Hygiene: cotton ribbon is a natural fiber, its main component is cellulose, and a small amount of waxy substances and nitrogen-containing substances and pectin. The pure cotton ribbon has been inspected and practiced in many aspects. It has no irritation and negative effect when it contacts with skin. It is good for human body to wear it for a long time.

4. Heat resistance: the heat resistance of pure cotton ribbon is good. When the temperature is below 110 ℃, the water on the ribbon will evaporate, and the fiber will not be damaged. Therefore, the use, washing, printing and dyeing of pure cotton ribbon have no influence on the ribbon at room temperature, which improves the washing and wear resistance of pure cotton ribbon.

5. Alkali resistance: the cotton ribbon has a greater resistance to alkali, and the ribbon will not be damaged in alkali solution. This property is conducive to the washing, disinfection and impurity removal after wearing. At the same time, the pure cotton ribbon can be dyed, printed and processed to produce more new varieties of ribbon.


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